We believe that everyone is amazing...
            We believe that everybody is amazing and everything we’ve been through has prepared us for this next evolution of ourselves.

Our story is one of resilience, perseverance and healing, which has led to a desire, and a need to unlock something more, within us. When we move with intention, we see glimpses of this magic.

We are here to help you embrace the magic, to live life in alignment, with intention and ease. Our vision is a community who is awakened to live louder as their authentic self. One where we come home, together, to celebrate living out our big dreams, small wins, and everything in between. 

See you in the #OneHIVE!

Melissa & Katie 
FITKYT Founders

For Melissa, the calling was based upon a deep desire to prove that she was good enough and worthy of being accepted for who she is.  Sounds simple, right?!  But with childhood trauma, major depression and PTSD it gets complex.  Taking a wholistic approach to your health and removing the stigma around depression and mental health is what motivates Melissa. 
For Katie, it was a deep desire to live a life of service and to truly raise up individuals, families and communities - this is what drives her. By actively participating in everyday life with them, being present not just physically, but by sharing those little moments that are truly precious and so meaningful
'Even though we are based on the opposite side of the World, Katie in St. Louis and Melissa in Melbourne, both of us were at similar places personally and professionally.'

What is the story behind creating FITKYT?
FITKYT is the story of two successful women who believe fitness products can empower people to be resilient and healthy. It started when Melissa found herself turning to exercise to calm her mind, relieve anxiety and stress—and most of all, to do something for herself.

Recreational swimming became Melissa’s outlet for dealing with childhood trauma, divorce, moving homes, and a work restructure. Collectively, these factors took a toll, leading to diagnoses of Major Depression and PTSD.
The movement was helping a great deal to clear her mind and find her voice again, but she couldn’t find the products to keep up with her. She needed a workout bag where she could leave her goggles, ear plugs, swim cap, flip-flops, toiletries and kick board, without having to pack and unpack everything. But it didn’t stop there. 

The perfect bag had to be versatile for using in the showers and stowing in a gym locker. And at home, it had to hang easily in the laundry on or over the back of a door or cupboard, so that it could dry out between workouts. 
She scoured retailers for the perfect bag, and when she couldn't find it, she decided to make her own.  

Using her daughter's sewing machine, she started designing the very first concept for the patent-pending sports utility bag, Hang-Fold-Go, and that’s when Melissa’s Harvard Business School classmate Katie Duffin got on board. Katie, a former collegiate softball player and long time sales and supply chain leader, immediately saw the utility in the design for other sports, fitness and the wellness industry. They both left their full time jobs and with this, FITKYT’s journey began.
You are time-impoverished and exacerbated by society’s reinforcement of your identity. There are no winners living life in this paradigm. Between children, partners, career, the family pet and aging parents, you are in a constant state of looking after others. As a result, you come last in your own life. Health, wellness and your own interests are the first to fall off your to-do list. We aim to make looking after yourself easier, more rewarding and intentional, so that you remember the magic within.  

Our Core Values

Be Bold

We want to know the whole person and we believe that positive attitudes create resiliency.  We have an innovative mindset, where we experiment, fail, learn, try again and keep pushing the boundaries.  We take ownership and are willing to try new things that others haven't done before.

Lead By Serving

We value all voices and we have a deep desire to help others. It is core to what we do and what our customers believe in.  We win, we learn, we grow together.  We empower others on their journey and control only what we can and leave space for others.


We impact our team, company, community and planet. The golden rule is to work together as one.  We are more and better together.

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